a photomosaic image of a yeast cell expressing a GFP-fusion to the ER resident protein Pho86 comprised of cell images from the entire database

created: A. Carroll
software: Mazaika
concept: J. Falvo, N. Dephoure

Welcome to the Yeast GFP Fusion Localization Database

The YeastGFP database of global analysis of protein localization studies in the budding yeast, S. cerevisiae, was originally designed and built by the laboratories of Erin O'Shea and Jonathan Weissman at the University of California, San Francisco.  It is now hosted by SGD.


 > quick case-insensitive searches of the database may be performed on yeast orf names (yal001c) or gene names (TFC3)

 > separate multiple orfs/genes with a space (e.g. yal001c zwf1 bud2 etc.)

 > more advanced searching and downloading can be done in Advanced Query

 > GFP-tagged strains can be obtained from Invitrogen.

 > TAP-tagged strains can be obtained from Open Biosystems.

 > more details available in    >> info    >> faq    >> help

This web site supports Huh, et al., Nature 425, 686-691 (2003).   <pdf>  
The quantitation data presented here is published in Ghaemmaghami, et al., Nature 425, 737-741 (2003). <pdf>  
Detailed collection construction methods can be found in Howson et al., Comp Funct Genom 6, 2-16 (2005).   <pdf>

Please direct comments, concerns, and questions to <SGD>

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