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  • Strain Background: EY0986
    ATCC 201388: MATa his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0 (S288C)

  • Strain Background for RFP-tagging for Colocalization: EY0987
    ATCC 201389: MATα his3Δ1 leu2Δ0 lys2Δ0 ura3Δ0 (S288C)

  • Library distribution information

    Strains are available individually and as collections.

    TAP: Open Biosystems

    GFP: Invitrogen

  • Markers for Colocalization

    localization ORF or stain
    early Golgi/Cop1Cop1
    ER to Golgi vesicleSec13
    Golgi apparatusAnp1
    late Golgi/clathrinChc1
    lipid particleErg6
    nuclear peripheryNic96
    spindle poleSpc42

    Other localizations were determined by comparison of the GFP images to the DIC and DAPI images.

  • RFP-tagged Strains for Colocalization

    To obtain the strains used for the colocalization studies, please contact Peter Arvidson at arvidson@mcb.harvard.edu test

    The mRFP plasmid used for construction of the strains (pFA6a-mRFP1-kanMX6) is distributed by the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center DNA Resource Core Plasmid Repository. Contact Roger Tsien for authorization and a Material Transfer Agreement and then submit your request to Stephanie Mohr of the DF-HCC DNA Resource Core.

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    The sequence of the RFP plasmid used to generate the fusions is here.

    The sequence of the GFP plasmid used to generate the fusions is here.